About Us
BioStep specializes in the fabrication of custom foot orthotics, ankle braces, and partial foot prosthetics.
Founded in 1999, BioStep has endeavored all these years to providing high quality and comprehensive
solutions for those struggling with foot problems or those seeking general comfort.

Mission: No Compromise on Quality

The foundation of BioStep was based completely on the satisfaction of its clientele. From 1999 till
present day, we have set and maintained a quality standard that enables us to proudly call ourselves the
best in the business.

Our Advanced Foot Care Products

We have a diverse range of products including therapeutic shoes, inserts, braces, orthotics and more,
Additionally, we offer unique and custom-tailored foot care products to meet the requirements of our
customers. Your ever-changing needs and individual cases and issues are all catered to here.

The team that stands behind BioStep is driven by the commitment to help customers in a way that truly
makes a difference to them.